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Ei-Biz prides itself as being a trusted partner in helping our clients overcome the challenges faced with establishing, running and growing their businesses. We value integrity above all else and imbue this core value into every partnership we form. As a trusted agency in Singapore, our partners are confident that their businesses are supported by us with the highest standards and in compliance with stringent but transparent regulatory requirements which Singapore is renowned for.



We deliver excellent accounting service through years of professional experience.



We focus on meeting your business goals as we work together.



We take every single case study seriously in order to provide the best advice.


Ei-Biz is a leading consultancy and solutions organization in Singapore, employing a team of experts that understand local and international business and their related requirements.

“A successful business requires one simple thing: Passion.”

Teresa Collins

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Since 2017

One of our core competencies is the offering of Corporate Secretary Services. This allows us to utilize our connections with public and private agencies, as well as our personal know-how to accelerate the processes related to owning a business or hiring employees.

We excel at maintaining compliance with complex regulatory and operational requirements. Our team is always prepared for the next step so you can stay focused on growth and capabilities while we handle the secretarial work necessary to keep the business operational.

Corporate Secretary Services are critical in every business’ day-to-day operations and management. From managing internal personnel and administration to advising the Board of Directors and submitting compliance filings, our team is always ready to support our clients’ business needs.

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At EI-Biz, we are more than just an Accounting Firm. People walk in through our doors as clients and leave as our life-long friends.

By working with us, you can trust that your business will be in good hands. 

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We believe that building a good rapport with our clients is the best way for us to align with their business goals.

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At EI-Biz, we take the time to fully familiarise ourselves with our case studies in order to do our best for our clients.

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We will work with you to recognise your true business potential and achieve your goals.
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