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Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate Secretary

Hiring a Corporate Secretary in Singapore is Required by Law

Legally, you have six months from incorporation to appoint a company secretary in Singapore. The corporate secretary services provided by Ei-Biz will help your company meet this requirement and benefit from ACRA compliance, efficiency in document organization, and growth potential.

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How We Increase Efficiency

Our corporate secretary services abide by deadlines and requirements set not only by law, but also by your own company. You can trust that paperwork is filed in a timely manner and regulations are adhered to with every move. You will have more time and company resources to focus on growth.

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Benefits of Using Our Company Secretarial Services

Ei-Biz handles the entire spectrum of company secretarial services, from advising your Board of Directors to documentation of important records. We assume the role of your company secretary and will fulfill all duties associated with the position.

Why Choose Us 

With a dedicated team of accountants, we offer short turnaround services. We care about the financial management of your business as if it were our own.

We provide timely, cost effective, scalable and customized accounting solutions. We are always contactable 24/7.


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Legal and ethical practices when it comes to transparency, reporting, and taxes


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Maintaining up-to-date CPA certification and education on accounting practices and compliance requirements


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Prevent penalty or fines.

Speak with Us About Implementing Corporate Secretary Services for Your Company

Contact our expert team of customer service representatives now to employ our leading corporate secretary services for your company. We ensure our process aligns with your company needs and the regulatory compliance to continue growing.

FAQs About Company Secretary Services in Singapore

Yes. According to Cap 50 of the Companies Act, a company secretary must be appointed within 6 months after incorporation. A company secretary cannot be the sole director of a company at the same time and must be a local resident.

According to the Companies Act of Singapore, a company secretary must be a resident of Singapore, such as a citizen or a permanent resident. The secretary must also have the necessary experience, knowledge and qualifications for the position.

A corporate secretary is responsible for filing any changes in the company to the authorities. They are to ensure that the directors/shareholders meeting is effectively organised and minuted. They are crucial in maintaining effective record and administration and ensure compliance with the Companies Act.

Instead of hiring an in-house secretary to fulfill this legal requirement, Ei-Biz offers corporate secretary services as a service you can outsource to for regulatory compliance, company administrative work, and regulatory mediation between shareholders. By outsourcing the role to Ei-Biz, our team of dedicated professionals will handle your corporate secretarial requirements.

Your company is required to hold its first AGM within 18 months after its incorporation. Subsequent AGMs are to be held within 6 months from year-end date for exempt private companies.

Your company is required to file its annual return within 30 days after its first Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Subsequent annual filings are to be made within 7 months from year-end date for exempt private companies.