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Government grant Application

Getting a Grant in Singapore

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At Ei-Biz, we will analyze your business goals and strategic objectives, identify the appropriate business grants, and work closely with you to apply for these grants. Contact us now and obtain valuable support for your business.

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Government Grant Applications

Start your business in Singapore by utilizing one of many grants offered to new and existing businesses by the Singapore government.

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Types of Singapore Business Grants Offered

The government of Singapore strongly supports entrepreneurship and businesses development which contribute to the economy. Therefore, it has rolled out various incentives in the form of grant applications and schemes designed to help businesses grow.

Special Situation Fund for Startups (SSFS)

The SSFS is designed specifically for early to late-stage startups. Eligibility can be checked on the EDB website, but in general the major criteria to meet is being able to contribute to the country’s priorities.

Pioneer Certificate Incentive (PCI) and the Development and Expansion Incentive (DEI)

Both incentives are government grants that encourage existing companies to expand. They can expand economically, physically, or capability-wise. As with the SSFS, applicants for the PCI and DEI schemes must be able to contribute to the country’s priorities. That might be through exports, overall economic growth, or other areas.

Tech@SG Programme

Fast-growing companies are incentivized to establish base operations in Singapore through the Tech@SG Programme. The program will not only help companies facilitate operations that promote growth, but also further validate the country as a tech-hub.


The Tech.Pass is similar to the previously mentioned grants but designed for well-established entrepreneurs and experts in the tech industry. It allows for said businessmen to further innovate and develop in the country with government funding.

Research and Innovation Scheme for Companies (RIS(C))

The (RIS(C)) aims to improve technological development in the country by supporting existing companies’ tech efforts. The expected result would be products developed in Singapore that can be sold worldwide.

Training Grants for Companies (TGC)

The TGC seeks to apply new technology, industrial skill, and professional expertise for employees through various training programs. Applicants to this grant program in Singapore would be able to offer selected training programs to their employees that improve company capabilities.

Intellectual Property Development Incentive (IDI)

Intellectual properties have been steadily growing for decades. The IDI program offered by the government of Singapore supports the commercialization of intellectual property rights created through a company’s R&D departments.