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Getting a Pass in Singapore

Passes for Immigration to Singapore

Does your company intend to hire foreign professionals in Singapore? Ei-Biz will work with you to apply for the required permits and passes so that your manpower needs can be met, in accordance with Singapore’s immigration rules and regulations.

Understanding and applying

Types of Singapore Visas and Passes

There are many types of passes that allow individuals to enter, stay, and travel to Singapore. The pass type varies depending on the individual’s qualifications and employment terms. Ei-Biz can advise you on the right type of passes to apply for your intended hires.

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Applications to the Different Types of Passes

Types of Singapore Employment Passes

There are a total of three types of Employment Passes your hew hires can obtain: Q1, P2, and P1. There is also a specialized pass called the Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) which we are capable of obtaining for you if the employee meets its stricter criteria.


Employment Passes (EP)

The Employment Pass (EP) is for foreign professionals in managerial, executive or specialised jobs who wish to work in Singapore. The minimum requirements to obtain an EP are having a monthly salary of at least $4500 and meeting job qualifications.


Personalized Employment Passes (PEP)

This pass is designed for high-earning individuals who want greater flexibility as it is not tied to an employer. PEP applicants are required to earn at least $12,000 per month as an existing EP holder or $18,000 per month (within 6 months before application) as a new applicant.


Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)

The EntrePass is intended for serial entrepreneurs, high-calibre innovators or experienced investors that want to operate a business in Singapore that is venture-backed or owns innovative technologies.


S Passes

The S Pass allows mid-level skilled staff to work in Singapore. Candidates need to earn at least $2,500 a month and have the relevant qualifications and work experience.


Long-term Visit Passes (LTVP)

The LTVP is for spouses and family members of an EP or S Pass holder who intends to stay in Singapore for extended amounts of time.


Work Permits

Individuals from approved countries can apply for a Work Permit that allows immigration to Singapore for work in in-demand fields. Work Permits last for 2 years and are bounded by the validity of the holder’s passport, employment contract, or Insurance Guarantee.


Other Work Passes

Other passes and Singapore visas include the Multiple Journey Visa, the Work Holiday Pass, and the Miscellaneous Work Pass. Contact us to find out more about these passes if all other passes above-mentioned do not apply to the foreign professional that your company intends to hire.

Contact Us on the Hiring of Foreign Professionals in Singapore

Our team holds expertise in the application processes and requirements for each pass mentioned above. If your company would like to hire foreign professionals to work in Singapore, book a consultation with us now.

Hiring professionals outside of Singapore is a daunting process, and one in which you shouldn’t spend countless company hours focusing on. Ei-Biz handles your Employment Pass applications to grant new overseas hires for your company legal work permits.

We Submit, Monitor, and Follow-up on Singapore Employment Pass Applications

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The Process of Applying and Renewing the EP Application

Applications may be submitted online through the EP Online Portal and follows with a $105 fee as well as a 3-week processing time. In rare cases, applications might need to be submitted through the mail, which can be done at any SingPost and follows with an 8-week processing time.

If approved, the Ministry of Manpower will submit an In-Principle Approval letter via the EP Online portal. Individuals will have 6 months to arrive in Singapore and obtain their Employment Pass. They may also need to be fingerprinted and photographed, but not always.

If the application is rejected, it can be resubmitted within 3 months of rejection notice, addressing the reasons why it was not approved.

Employment Passes can be renewed by the ministry for up to 3 years in total and can be submitted as early as 6 months but no less than 2 weeks prior to expiration. Failing to do so will result in submitting a new EP application.

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